Sunday, March 13, 2011

0 Earning Potential From Club Asteria

Earning Online has not been easy, But with club asteria there is much potential where you can be earning good profits. As you know, there are lot more ways to earn income. But can anyone tell me the exact way to earn income online. The only available online business which can help you earn the income what you needed is CLUB ASTERIA. I will show you the exact way, how to earn money and how you will be in profits in just a matter of months.

I want everyone to follow this strategy to earn the best income from Club Asteria. I have divided these into steps:

1. Join Club Asteria as a Gold Member by paying the $19.95 Membership Fees and continue your subscription every month. And this will help you to become eligible to earn weekly income from Club Asteria.

2. Then Immediately become Network Director 1, By paying $1000 fees. You get asterios for this with matching bonus and please remember that if you are new member, you should become network Director within the specified period to get 100% matching bonus.

3. After this, your journey starts, earning weekly income. I will show you how much you can earn as per our calculation.

**NOTE : There is no fixed percentage of weekly Income ever. The percentage is determined by the company depending on their last weeks profits.

Suppose If You have done the same what we said above. Below is the Chart which shows you how much you will be earning for different percentages:

Paid $19.95 (Gold Member) + $1000 (ND1) + matching bonus for ND1 purchase.

The above chart shows us that how much you could earn from club asteria. The yellow highlighted in the above table are your breakeven. This is only a Projection and Estimation, There is No Promise or No Guarantee that you will earn as per this chart.

You have to Consider this income and compare with all incomes, and there is no other income available better than club asteria income.

Even if you invest $1000 in banks or any financial institutes, you can get double of it in 7 years minimum. But in the above table it is only taking you 2 years even the weekly percentage is minimum 2%.

Follow us and Earn good Income along with us.


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